Some households have the option of using a window AC due to the space requirements, while in some households, a user has the option of choosing between a split and a window AC. So, a buyer needs to understand the difference between them and the pros and cons arising from them.

Window AC’s are wall mounted and are suitable for a small sized room with a window space. They are very economical and requires less maintenance cost.

They come in a single unit installed with one face inside and one face outside in a window.


Split AC’s are wall mounted are used for large room  space or if there are no windows in the room. It comes with a condenser and compressor placed in the outdoor unit while the evaporator is located in the indoor unit that cools the room instantly.


Both of them are best at their own places and cools the room instantly. But choosing between the two might confuse a buyer. So, here we tell you about some factors that help you decide which is best for your home.


Parameter Split AC Window AC
Look They come in various color variants. They are constrained to one color.
Flexibility If you are staying in an apartment then installing a split AC is not a good idea. It cannot be moved with ease. These are portable and can be moved easily.
Installation It may seek professional help for installation and requires extra installation charges. Easy to install and does not require extra charges for it.
2 ton and above 2142-2600W No appliance

If we see the design of both AC’s then split AC’s are designed to give direct cooling to all parts of the room.

These AC’s consists of an indoor wall mounted unit that blows air around the room and outdoor unit dissipates heats.

While, window AC’s are designed in such a way that they look compact and are more suitable for small rooms.


When we are talking about capacity, remember that bigger is not always better. If the unit is large, it will cool the room quickly by removing some humidity and leaving it damp. The actual tonnage comprises of parameters like size of the room, amount of light entering the room and number of people occupying the room.

Here is an approximation that helps you choose right sized AC for your room.

Room size(sq.ft.) Split AC Window AC
100 0.75 ton 0.75 ton
200 1 ton upto 1 ton
300 1.5 ton 1-1.5ton
400 2 ton 1.5-2 ton
500 2 ton or above 2 ton


Tonnage Split AC Window AC
Less than 1 ton 18000-25000 INR 13000-18000 INR
1-1.5ton 20000-25700 INR 18000-29000 INR
1.5-2ton 20500-29500 INR 20000-28000 INR
2 ton and above 30000-65000 INR No appliance

A split AC might cost twice as Windows AC. The cost factor is important if a small area needs cooling in that case, a window AC is a better option. While installing a split AC requires more cost overall than to a window AC.

Power Consumption

Tonnage Split AC Window AC
Less than 1 ton 1080-1175W 900-940W
1-1.5ton 1571-1666W 1070-1750W
1.5-2 ton 1545-2218W 1495-1750W
2 ton and above 2142-2600W No appliance

Higher the star rating, more efficient is the AC. A 5 star AC consumes lowest energy when compared to other star ratings. Energy consumption difference is about 10% per star rating.

If your need for AC is for more than 15 hours then a 5 star rated AC should be your preference. While for a small size room and normal usage, a 3 star 1.5 ton Window AC seems to be the ideal choice.


Noise is another important factor to consider if we go to buy an air conditioner. The split AC system compares favourably to the window AC in terms of lower noise level. Split AC’s does not produce noise, while the window AC’s produce noise as they function against the window sill.

After considering the noise factor, split AC’s are a better choice for your decor and offices.

Bottom line

Both split and window AC are equally efficient so there it gets necessary to understand the difference between the two. If you are low on budget then you should go for Window AC. Well, if you wish for aesthetically pleasing design then, split AC should be your choice.