Home is the place where we find respite from the hustle and bustle of the day. As we enter our houses, a sense of calm and safety prevails that soothes our overworked nerves. But, as the saying goes, a lion is safest and also most vulnerable in his den! That’s right, just imagine the king of the jungle taking a nap in his sweet home and a piece of rock falls off from the roof and lands right on his head. A lion lives in the wild where there are no home repair services, but us humans, despite living in cities with all kind of facilities, we forget to take care of our homes and choose to make them dangerous for ourselves.

Here are the top 5 home issues that you must take care of and avoid a mishap waiting to happen at home.

1. Loose wiring: Every year more and more people are getting their foot stuck in loose wiring and are falling facedown to injure their head, nose or feet. In some cases the injuries have been rather serious. It is advisable to spend a few bucks on getting those wires tied up rather than pay huge medical bills. Thankfully, these days you can book an electrician online and save yourself a lot of trouble.

2. Leaky taps in the bathroom: Most of us ignore leaky taps, but the taps take offence for making them work almost all of the time and reward us by showering some slippery love on us. Yes! Most bathroom slip ups are caused due to wet floors, thanks to leaky taps. Next time when you exit the bathroom, make sure to check that taps are not leaking. If they are, call for the plumber service guy and have them fixed.

3. Creaky window panes: While we regularly check and fix the Windows on our computers, the real windows get a raw deal. Remember, the glass in window panes are mostly fixed with glue which can come off. Worn off glue makes the panes susceptible to come loose, even by a strong breeze. Creaky or unsteady window panes are quite dangerous, especially for children. Once a year, it is advisable to have a qualified carpenter check and repair the window panes in your home.

4. Uncovered wiring: Yes, we have all seen those ads that claim their wires do not catch fire, but have we ever heard the claim that ‘our wires don’t cause fires’? Nope, we will never come across such claims because wires are prone to short circuits and most of the time it is caused due to mishandling (not the manufacturer’s mistake you see). Naked or uncovered wires are a common sight, especially in the main unit of many a home. Then again, sometimes we tend to overlook if wire joints have been taped properly after a routine fix. All of these things may cause wires to go haywire and cause fires. Lucky people detect the signs very early, the unlucky one send up detecting smoke and dousing fires. It is strongly recommended to get the wiring of your house inspected by a qualified electrician every year. Running the risk of having your house on fire is not worth it at all.

5. Faulty water heaters: Winter is coming and everyone is going to need buckets of warm water. Most of us will be using an electronic water heater, many of us will find the heaters malfunctioning, leaking current, overheating or not heating at all. We’ll keep trying to figure out what the problem is in any case and end up wasting precious time or taking risks till the situation does not get too hot to handle. While overheated water can scald your skin, an electric shock can fry your soul. It’s a matter of your health and wellbeing. That’s why, before winter sets in, call for a seasoned electrician and get your water heater checked. Have an accident-free winter season.

There are few more things like a faulty refrigerator, a choked chimney, a broken cupboard, slippery stairs, etc. which are equally dangerous as the issues mentioned above. We suggest you take a tour of your house and check for any of the problems mentioned above. If you discover a problem, please do not try fixing it yourself finless you are an expert at home repair. All you need to do is contact Godray and enlist the services of one of our certified professionals who offer the house repair and maintenance services you’re looking for at reasonable rates. We will be happy to secure your home like a fortress.

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine, so get going and look out for the wellbeing of your family.